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Marin CAMFT is working on efforts to increase awareness of the costs of bias and inequality among and within our community of therapists, and within ourselves.

In an effort to foster an ongoing conversation about diversity within our therapeutic community, Marin CAMFT offers the following links to views and resources about diversity and inclusiveness.

As a start, we have chosen five areas of diversity: Racial, LBGTQIA+, Disability, Religious, and Generational. The resources posted here are a beginning -- a work in progress and a starting place for discussion. With participation from you, the members of Marin CAMFT, we hope this page will grow and deepen.

We welcome your ideas and input, including suggestions for other links to resources and viewpoints about diversity and inclusiveness that are especially relevant to the practice of psychotherapy, diversity awareness for therapists and clients, support for diversity among our clients, and/or diversity resources in Marin and the Bay Area.

Please send comments, corrections, or additions for this page to the Marin CAMFT web editor or if you have thoughts or suggestions for what Marin CAMFT can be doing to promote diversity, contact Committee Chair Marty Frankel at

Note: The list below is updated only periodically, and over time, links to these external sources may stop functioning. If you find a broken link, we'd be grateful to be informed.











Racial / Ethnic Diversity

Marin County and Bay Area Racial Diversity Resources

Multicultural Center of Marin

Showing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ) Marin

Black Lives Matter Resources from Do The Bay

Anti-racism Resources from Greater Good

Psychology/Psychotherapy and Racial Diversity

Rise in Anti-Asian Violence Is at the Center of Racism and Disease from NPR's Science Friday, March 2021

In the Marin CAMFT Library: Black Minds Matter presentation to Marin CAMFT by Dr. Wood, March 2021

Black Lives Matter and Psychotherapy: A Roundtable of 11 Therapists from Psyched in San Francisco

Black Lives Matter in Psychotherapy from the Society for Advancement of Psychotherapy

Diversity in the Psychology Workforce report by the American Psychological Association

The Society for Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity and Race Division 45 of the APA

Speaking of Psychology: Understanding Your Racial Biases from the APA

Making the Counseling Profession More Diverse from Counseling Today Magazine

Institutional Racism: A Call to Action from the National Association of Social Workers

Standards for Cultural Competence from the National Association of Social Workers

Psychological Teatment of Ethnic Minority Populations from the Council of National Psychological Organizations

Diversity and Multicultural Resources from the Zur Institute

"Why I'll Be Choosing My Next Therapist By Race" by Jacy Topps in Glamour Magazine

Racial Justice and Inclusiveness Awareness: Resources and Viewpoints

Anti Racist Alliance: Undoing Structural Racism in Our Lifetime


Being AntiRacist from the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture

Black Lives Matter: Healing, Education, and Action from SummerSearch

The National Center for Cultural Competence 

Talking to Kids About Discrimination from the APA

Anti Racism Resources for White People

"Unlocking Us:" Brene Brown Podcast with Ibram X. Kendi on How to Be an Antiracist

"Can't We All Just Get Along?" A Five-Part Series on Diversity and Inclusiveness in Psychology Today

Black Lives Matter. Black Health Matters Too from To Write Love On Her Arms

Seeing White from SceneOnRadio

Resources on Anti-Asian American Pacific Islander Violence

Marin by the Numbers: Demographic Data on Race and Ethnicity

Notable Demographic Facts About Race in Marin County from the U.S. Census

Comprehensive Demographic Facts About Diversity in Marin County from DataUSA

Race and Ethnicity Figures for Marin County from the Statistic Atlas

Marin is home to 6 of the 10 most-segregated municipalities in the Bay Area from the Marin IJ

Why is Marin County So White? from KQED


Marin County and Bay Area LGBTQIA Diversity Resources

List of Resources compiled by Victoria Herzog, LMFT

The Spahr Center support for Marin's LGBTQ+ and HIV communities

LGBTQ Connection for Napa and Sonoma Counties

San Francisco LGBT Center

Lyric Center for LGBTQQ Youth

Transgender San Francisco

PFLAG SF Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

LGBT Community Resource Page from UCSF

Psychology/Psychotherapy and LGBTQIA Diversity

Practice Guidelines for LGB Clients from the APA

Gaylesta Psychotherapist Association for Gender and Sexual Diversity

LGBT Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Issues from

Resources on LGBTQ Psychology from the APA

Resources for Therapy with LGBTQIA Clients from the Zur Institute

LGBTQIA Awareness and Inclusiveness: Resources and Viewpoints

"If You’re Asking, ‘Am I Gay? Lesbian? Bi? Trans? Queer?’ Here’s a Start"  from the New York Times

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Center of New York

National LGTBQ Task Force

GLAAD, formerly the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation

HRC, the Human Rights Campaign

Bisexual Resource Center


Differently-abled and Neurodiversity

Marin County and Bay Area Disability Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Marin County Health & Human Services Community Resource Guide

Matrix Parent Network and Resource Center

Golden Gate Regional Center (GGRC)

Easter Seals of Northern California

Community Alliance for Special Education (CASE)

Children and Adults with ADHD (CHADD) of Northern California

Marin County Office of Education (MCOE)

College of Marin Department of Disabled Students

Access Marin

Psychology/Psychotherapy and Disability Diversity

Working With Clients with Disabilities from the Society for Advancement of Psychotherapy

Therapy with Clients with Disabilities or Chronic Illness from

Why Therapy for People With Disabilities and Special Needs Requires a Makeover from Re-set

Guidelines for Assessment and Intervention with Disabled Clients from the APA

Disability and the Counseling Relationship from the ACA Knowledge Center

Disability Awareness and Inclusiveness: Resources and Viewpoints

California MAP to Inclusion and Belonging

Guidelines for Writing About People With Disability from the Americans With Disability Act

Appropriate Terms to Use About Disability from the National Disability Authority

Disability Terminology Terms from the California Courts

The Neurodiversity Hub

What is Neurodiversity? A first-person viewpoint

What You Need to Know About Neurodiversity from

Clearing Up Some Misconceptions About Diversity from Scientific American

The Myth of the Normal Brain: Embracing Neurodiversity from the AMA Journal

Six Questions You Can Ask to Support Disability Inclusion from Northern California Grant Makers

Disability and Health Inclusion Strategies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Disability Inclusion Strategies from the United Nations

Respectability Fighting Stigmas and Advancing Opportunities for People with Disabilities

What is Disability Inclusion from the CDC

The Diversity Project

Understanding the ADA Compliance Requirements for Websites - from CAMFT, October 2020

Religious Diversity

Marin County and Bay Area Disability Religious Diversity and Tolerance Resources

Marin Interfaith Council

Psychology/Psychotherapy and Religious Diversity and Tolerance

Counseling in the Land of Religious Liberty from the ACA

Religious Issues in Therapy from

Muslims and Depression: The Role of Religious Beliefs in Therapy from the Journal of Integrative Psychology and Therapeutics

Religious Diversity and Tolerance: Resources and Viewpoints

"One Nation: Many Gods" from Teaching Tolerance

Making Religious Minority Oppression Visible: A Call to Action from Div. 17 of the APA

Generational Diversity

Marin County and Bay Area Generational Diversity and Inclusiveness Resources

The Buck Institute

Psychology/Psychotherapy and Generational Diversity

Generational Differences in Therapy from Counseling Today

Counseling Across the Generations from the ACA

Generational Considerations for Counseling Older Adults from Research Gate

Generational Diversity: Resources and Viewpoints

Changing Aging

Let's End Ageism from Ashton Applewhite

Just How Different are Millenials, Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers at Work from the Harvard Business Review

The Real Truth About Generational Differences from Psychology Today

What Generational Differences Impact Learning at Work from Psychology Today

The Millenial Generation: A Demographic Bridge to America's Diverse Future from the Brookings Institute

Generational Differences at Work from the APA

Please note:  Marin CAMFT is not responsible for the views and content contained in any of these links. These links are intended to provide education, awareness, and promote discussion. Inclusion of these resources does not necessarily imply endorsement of the above organizations or perspectives by CAMFT, Marin CAMFT, or Marin CAMFT's officers, board, or members.

Suggestions for additional resources are welcomed. Please contact Marin CAMFT's web editor.

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