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Pat Shelton died on Thursday, December 7, 2017 after one and a half years journey through cancer.  She accepted her terminal diagnosis from the beginning and lived her life fulling and completely with joy and grace until the very end.  She and her husband Mike, who met at Lighthouse,  sang with the Lighthouse singers for thirty years and sang in a concert in Mill Valley on the Sunday before her death! Her death will leave a very sad void in the lives of her friends and family, as well as, the lives of her clients.

Professionally, she was a brilliant academic researcher who spent her life learning and improving her skills as a therapist.  For many of us who had the privilege of knowing her enjoyed her amazing knowledge of all things in our Psychology world.  Just ask her any question and you got a clear answer along with a bibliography to reference!  She was very active in our Marin Chapter.  She was president of the board in 1989, spent many years as the Newsletter editor and many years as Conference Chair.  She was responsible for bringing notables such as Dan Siegel, Gottman, Stan Tatkin, and Diana Fosha to Marin CAMFT Conferences. Most recently, she was on the editorial  committee for the Therapist magazine at State CAMFT. She was also active in the NCEFT organization and was president for a time.  At one time she was on the board of the Marin Clinic.  She taught at Dominican for a time, was a trainer at CIP and Family Service Agency and ran several consultation groups. (IJ Obituary)


Kristina Carey, LMFT, Marin CAMFT's

Membership Director, died in a car crash

on Monday, February 27, 2017 on her way

home from CAMFT’s Leadership Conference

in Irvine and two-day camping trip in Joshua Tree.

Kristi had a passion for nature and the

environment and had inspired the chapter

to raise its level of ecological responsibility

as its first Green Queen.

Kristi had just moved to a new office in North

San Rafael, where she specialized in helping

young adults, preteens, adolescents, parents,

and individuals facing challenging situations

and healing old trauma.

Kristi, 55, leaves behind her husband, Phil, and

18 - year old daughter, Melissa.

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