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Membership Application

Lynne Clyde, LMFT, Marin CAMFT's Director of Membership for 2018-19, is happy to help you with any issues you may encounter with your membership. Contact her at: or at: 415 462 4399.

Membership Fees

All memberships are due to be renewed on January 1st!
$65 Licensed Clinical Member (LMFT)

(Auto-renew option available)

$65 Licensed Professional Member -

Other Professional License*

(Auto-renew option available)


$500 Lifetime Clinical Membership

Free Registered Associate LMFT

Free Student/Trainee (on MFT track)

Free Emeritus Member (Active License)

You must be a member of state CAMFT in order to become a member of Marin CAMFT. New members who join state CAMFT first and then join Marin CAMFT may be eligible for a $25 refund from CAMFT. Visit the website: to join and receive your membership number. This number is required to complete the process of registering as a member of Marin CAMFT. Students, Interns and Registered Associate members are not exempt from this requirement.


The Marin County Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
Marin CAMFT is a CAMFT - Approved Continuing Education Provider (#56895)
PO Box 9065, San Rafael, CA  94912  415 459 3484 

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