• Trauma and Disaster Response Team


A note from the Team Chairs, Beth Leib, LMFT, Dee Treshnell, LMFT and Kathleen Ries, LMFT

It was great to get together with the team on Friday, March 22, 2019. We were very excited to have both new and experienced members. We are delighted to have Dennis Scremin as both a Trauma Team member and Red Cross liaison. This connection will be beneficial to all as we move forward. It was very informative to have Dennis present on the benefits of aligning with the Red Cross and Melinda Marmer on Disaster Mental Health Response and working with children and trauma. 

We briefly reviewed the successes and challenges of the past year. The fact that we are moving forward and have a committed team is certainly a success. The major challenges ahead are to keep connections we have established and expand resources. 

We determined that our focus would be to:

  • Increase visibility as a team
  • Recruitment
  • Response to small and large scale disasters
  • Establishing connections with schools in order to be available for disaster response
  • Register with the local Red Cross online and then email Janet Rogoff for an interview, janetrogoff2@redcross.org
  • Complete training requirements with the help of Kevin Sagar, Red Cross logistics coordinator. We are working on organizing a training at the San Rafael Red Cross office to make this easier for all. 
  • Keep members aware of local trainings in Psychological First Aid, Disaster Mental Health, etc. 
  • Collaborate with other local resources, such as the Marin Medical Reserve Corp   

To download a pdf of the Trauma and Disaster Team's Policies and Procedures compiled by Bill Barton, former Chair of the Trauma Team, CLICK HERE. Also you may CLICK HERE to download a pdf of handy Trauma and Disaster-related acronyms that we think you will find helpful.Team member, Katie Amatruda wants to remind the Team about the free Psychological First Aid Training in San Rafael on Saturday April 6, from 9-11 at the office of the Marin Medial Reserve Corps: 1600 Los Gamos, Suite 211. The instructor is Nancy Haugen, PhD. If you haven’t already taken a Psychological First Aid Training this is a required course.

Thank you for your attendance and we will let you know when our next meeting is. It appears at this point, that it will be a Red Cross training for us. Meanwhile, feel free to contact Beth or Dee with any questions. 

Last but not least, please send a copy of your license and liability insurance to Dee Treshnell, 28 Eucalyptus Knoll Mill Valley, California, so that we can put it in your file, which will be needed when we deploy. 

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