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President's Message

by Adam Cohen, LMFT

2021 President

Gosh, it sure feels like each week for the past year (and especially these beginning months of 2021) has brought with it another something, doesn't it? Thinking about this newsletter several weeks ago, I was eager to share reflections about our 2021 Marin CAMFT Retreat and Year Planning meeting in January.

Then, I felt pulled to initiate further conversation with you all about how the ever-changing COVID-sphere is affecting us as humans and our work as therapists. At the time of this writing, however, I feel a need to put both to the side in place of something that feels more present (though I do encourage you to review this great synopsis of our Retreat and Year Planning meeting put together by our web editor extraordinaire and Marin CAMFT member, Lisa Wenninger).

As many of us are aware, we currently have a large portion of our community in deep grief in response to recent local adolescent deaths by suicide. As a clinician who spends most of my days with adolescents and their pain, these events of course hit very hard. My heart breaks for those adolescents, for their peers, for their families, and for our community. Many were already moving through deep grief brought on this past year.

In addition, there is so much collective grief and rage in response to racial violence and murder directed at Asian American and Pacific Islanders, both locally and across the nation. All of this - from adolescent suicide to racial injustice, violence, and murder - has found me feeling heavy and sitting in inquiry about what we can do. On the micro level. On the macro level. How can we further help our youth, and prevent the suffering that leads to this? What systemically needs altering? What is being communicated through these tragedies that is in critical need of tending?

How can I as a white person become more of an accomplice in anti-racism and in the dismantling of systems of oppression? How do we help these communities heal? What more can I do to help? How might I be causing harm?

There is so much collective suffering. From adolescent suicide to persistent racial injustice and violence to the ever-growing political divide we are living within today... There are so many questions. Sometimes, this questioning leads me to answers and paths forward. Sometimes, this questioning leads to more pain. Sometimes, this questioning leads to more questions. And sometimes this questioning leads to more questions and more pain and more questions and more pain before any glimmer of an answer appears.

This is where I’m at currently. Feeling deeply, and sitting in deep questioning about what can be done. I felt pulled to share this because I wonder about the feelings and questioning each of you may be holding right now, too, with regards to these recent tragedies and all the others. I’m eager to take all of this questioning and turn it into more conversations and movement with any and all of you as we continue to look at how we as an organization and as individuals can further tend to the suffering and needs of the world.

We do such important work. I continue to be in awe of the level of care, empathy, and humanity I witness in this group. I feel very, very grateful to be a part of this community with you all, in times of joy, and particularly in times of tragedy.

I want to share how proud I am of our Marin CAMFT Trauma and Response Team (TRT), who swiftly offered our services to the schools affected by the youth suicides. Our TRT leaders put together a School Crisis Counseling Team (see the Community Update below for more information), and we are working to grow these efforts to support our local community. I am forever grateful to the work of our TRT leads - Dee Treshnell, Beth Leib, and Kathy Ries - for their caring, thoughtful, and devoted efforts. I encourage those of you interested in getting involved to get in touch with them.

For now, I offer a "thank you" to everyone reading this. I look forward to seeing you again on Zoom. I invite you to please reach out if you have thoughts -- or more questions -- in response to the events occurring around us.


Highlights from a Recent Marin CAMFT Event

Did you know that the majority of students suspended or expelled from California schools are indigenous or Black?

That's just one important fact that Dr. Luke Wood shared in his presentation on Black Minds Matter in March. We heard examples of how Black people are often treated with distrust, disdain, and disregard. We learned about microaggressions and what to do when they happen. Dr. Wood explained the phenomena of Racial Battle Fatigue, which is a constellation of measurable stress responses that can happen to people of color who are constantly experiencing the effects of implicit and explicit bias. We learned about "racelighting", which is when those who are microaggressed against start to question their reality and engage in toxic self-doubt. We also talked about solutions that we can use as therapists to help. It was informative and thought-provoking, and several participants shared how they were personally affected by the powerful presentation.

In case you missed it: Black Minds Matter is available to all Marin CAMFT members for free in our CE Library.

We are winners! Marin CAMFT was recognized at the state CAMFT Leadership Conference.

At the 2021 Leadership Conference in February, State CAMFT named our chapter as winner in two categories -- plus we earned a special Honorable Mention in a third!

Best Membership Development for chapters over 250 members

We are one of the larger chapters in our state, and our Board of Directors worked hard to serve our membership last year!  Marin CAMFT increased membership of licensed therapists by almost 15%, with a nearly 40% boost to our roster of pre-licensed and student members.

We also pivoted quickly to providing online trainings when COVID-19 first hit, with a commitment to continuing to do so in support of our membership for the foreseeable future. State CAMFT recognized these efforts, including the record number of chapter events we held in 2020. We continue to attract attendees at our events from far beyond Marin and even from outside of California, which speaks to the quality of programming. Thank you to the 2020 Marin CAMFT Board, and congratulations on this achievement!


Best Community Involvement and Outreach

Marin CAMFT came together to support and serve our overall community last year in multiple ways, and this work also was recognized through the state CAMFT Community Award given to our chapter. You'll read more in the update below from the Trauma Response Team, which has new energy and much momentum thanks to our three co-leads who reinvigorated efforts and brought new direction to this significant community project. The TRT has helped make our organization more visible within the county of Marin through acts of service when they're most needed. Marin CAMFT's additional programs to connect the Marin community to our therapists also deserve mention, including our referral line and our sliding scale directory, and also our diversity resources. Thank you to all committee members and volunteers who have been working so hard on these projects!


Plus, we got a special Honorable Mention for Financial Management.   State CAMFT only gives two awards per chapter each year, yet they decided to still recognize the work of our Treasurer Laurie Buntain and the rest of the Board with another honor! Our chapter's financial situation is solid now, thanks to the hard work of this team. Marin CAMFT is in a good position to provide ongoing support to our membership based on our financial health. We appreciate the work you have done for us!


In addition, our 2020 President Lynne Clyde was named Outstanding Chapter Leader for Marin County. Lynne was instrumental in guiding our chapter in the face of the challenges that COVID-19 brought, not only through the transition to online programming, but in increasing outreach and making resources available to members struggling to move their practices to telehealth. Lynne is appreciated for the heart, warmth, and soul she brings to our chapter. We're lucky to have her continued service in her current role as Past President!


You can read the full announcement of these awards and other winners  or watch a YouTube presentation from the CAMFT Leadership Conference.


Shout-out to Marin CAMFT member Rebecca Hines, AMFT, on her election to state CAMFT as Pre-Licensed Member-At-Large!

In her candidate statement in consideration for the office, Rebecca talked about the underrepresentation of pre-licensed members within CAMFT, and spoke of efforts she will make to increase engagement, including mentorship and focus on job opportunities. Those are efforts that Marin CAMFT is committed to as well, and we look forward to supporting Rebecca in her projects to benefit student and associate members of CAMFT! Congratulations, Rebecca!

Coming Attractions in Continuing Education from Marin CAMFT

by Patricia Saunders, LMFT

Secretary and Director of Programs & Continuing Education

Our CE Programs have been a big hit with the membership in our first quarter of 2021. Topics so far have included: EFT/Tapping; Suicide Prevention; Couples Therapy: Billing, Documentation & Dilemmas; Fundamentals of Art Therapy with Kids; and Black Minds Matter. Audio recordings of all of these events are available in the Marin CAMFT CE Library, free to all members.

Upcoming in April, we have Working with the Cultural Outsider in Psychotherapy presented by Dennis Portnoy. Then in May, we will have Internal Family Systems with Dorothy O’Leary, and Sex Addiction and Relationship Betrayal presented by Tim Stein and Jeanne Vattuone. In June, we are looking forward to Anxiety-Free Solutions in a Social Media World presented by Cathy Hanville (6 CEUs of Law & Ethics).

Some of you have been asking about our cancellation/refund policy for our lectures and workshops, and how/when to receive CEUs, so here is how all of that works:

  • Cancellations must be made seven (7) days prior to the presentation day. There is a $20 administrative charge for issuing refunds, as this requires manual processing and we incur service charges by our payment processor.
  • Because of this admin charge, refunds are not available for events that cost $20 or less. For example, registration for non-members for our Friday CE Series is $20, so no refund is available for canceling those registrations. (Members attend those events for free!)
  • Links to audio recordings and any handouts are available to all who register. By registering for an event, you consent to be recorded.
  • CEUs are emailed a few days after the event. CEUs are provided for live attendance only, to those participants who complete the evaluation at the conclusion of the presentation.
  • Event audio and any handouts are always available to Marin CAMFT members in the CE Library.

We take a break from programming in July and August.  I will give you more information on what's to come in the Fall as September approaches.

Please be well and stay safe!


April - May - June 2021 Events

The full Events Calendar can always be found on


April 9

12:00 - 2:00


Working with the Cultural Outsider in Psychotherapy

Presenter: Dennis Portnoy


May 14

12:00 - 2:00

Internal Family Systems

Presenter: Dorothy O’Leary, MFT

 May 22


Sex Addiction and Partner Betrayal

Presenters:Tim Stein, MFT, &
Jeanne Vattuone, LCSE, CSAT, CCPS-S, CPTT-S

Diversity Committee Update

Our chapter's focus on increasing awareness of multiculturalism and our diverse world has been continuing! So far this year, we have held several meetings of our Diversity Committee, and are discussing further expansion and increased intentionality around efforts to support people of all identities through our work individually and as a chapter.

Marin CAMFT is committed to helping our members learn more about the lived experience of those from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures, including racial and ethnic, LGBTQIA+, socioeconomic class, the unhoused, neurodiverse, and those with varying physical abilities -- as well as what it means to be white and occupying positions in the dominant culture. The Diversity Committee brings curiosity to these questions. We are interested in raising awareness within this community of therapists, and working to remove barriers to access to therapy for people from marginalized groups.

Racism is real, and it exists in our communities. This Instagram account called BIPOC of Marin highlights first-hand accounts of racism in our schools.  As one committee member said at a recent meeting, "Antiracism is active, it cannot be passive." The Diversity Committee is exploring ways we can do more together as a community of therapists to help change these realities around us.

We are currently identifying more speakers and topics that would serve these goals, and we're also hoping to begin regular meetings for conversation and supportive self-exploration with the entire membership, possibly using a book club format, or by hosting guided discussions where we uncover what is often overlooked and allowed to remain unexamined.

For now, we'll offer this, if you have a few minutes: The Marin Museum of Contemporary Art is hosting an exhibition called Justice, curated by Black Marin resident and gallery owner Karen Jenkins-Johnson. Slideshow is here and virtual tour on YouTube here.

The work of the Marin CAMFT Diversity Committee has only just begun! The Diversity Committee will be having regular meetings on the fourth Friday of every month at 2:00 pm PT. If you would like to be part of this important initiative, please contact Committee Chair Marty Frankel at

The next Diversity Committee meeting

will be by Zoom on Friday, April 23, 2021, at 2:00 pm PT.

Please contact Marty Frankel at if you're interested in joining us.

Community Outreach: Report from the Trauma Response Team

Greetings and Best Wishes for your continued good health and safety,

As announced above, efforts by Marin CAMFT’s Trauma Response Team (TRT) are a key reason that our chapter won the Best Community Outreach Award at CAMFT’s Leadership Conference. Our work is far from done! The Trauma Response Team recognizes that as we enter a second difficult year, people are experiencing changes and challenges as never before.

The TRT recently got the green light from the Board regarding insurance and we are ready to expand! Our School Crisis Counseling Team is supporting local schools, our Disaster Team is working on mental health efforts in conjunction with the Red Cross, and we are eager to bring on new members to help with these important community initiatives.

If you’re interested in participating, please join our monthly meetings which include speakers and discussions on topics such as disaster mental health, trauma, experiences in the field, and pertinent courses. Meetings are held on the third Friday of the month at 11:00 am PT. Please contact Beth to get the Zoom link.

Our Marin CAMFT Trauma Response Team proudly announces the launching of a School Crisis Counseling Team (SCCT) that will serve school districts in Marin when a disaster strikes and school counselors are overwhelmed. As a fully trained, licensed, and insured team with significant training in child and trauma therapy, psychological first aid, and disaster mental health (through the Red Cross), this team will be a great resource to students, parents, and staff to get through whatever disaster arises. If you’d like to help in the development of this team, please reach out to let us know. The more therapists involved, the more schools we can support when the need arises.
The SCCT is presently in conversation with individual school districts regarding how we we can support administrators, teachers and students in the event of trauma and/or disasters that will necessitate increased mental health services. School crisis events are unique because they can quickly overwhelm resources, and deployment to the schools often necessitates immediate response. Originally we had planned to pilot the SCCT program in one school district, but
realizing a greater need, we are on the county list for deployment to schools throughout Marin.

TRT, in collaboration with the Marin Red Cross, is the foundation for disaster mental health services in the event of local disasters. One of our leads, Kathleen, is now coordinating the Marin Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Team, which is the largest disaster mental health team in the state. This team will likely be asked to deploy to neighboring counties that need disaster mental health assistance. It’s exciting to be taking steps that further develop our team locally, regionally, and in our state.

Do you have time right now to give back to Frontline Essential Workers during the COVID-19 pandemic? The Frontline Worker Counseling Project was started in San Francisco in March of 2020 and has expanded to 13 Bay Area counties, including Marin. Their website is

At Marin CAMFT’s Annual Retreat in January, a discussion was begun on how Marin CAMFT’s membership might get involved in meaningful ways to build up the mental health of our community. Ideas are still very new. Look for a survey to gather your input.  Our team is only as strong as its membership, and we welcome you to become a part of these exciting efforts and activities towards forming greater connections with our community.

Best regards to all,

MCAMFT Trauma and Disaster Response Team

Dee Treshnell, PPS, LMFT

Beth Leib, MA, LMFT

Kathleen Ries, MS, MPH, RD, LMFT

Our next Trauma Response Team meeting

will be by Zoom on Friday, April 16, 2021, at 11:00 am PT.

Please contact one of the TRT Chairs above if you’re interested in joining us.



The current Therapy Groups List is also available on the MCAMFT website.

Groups for Women

Groups for Men

Co-Ed Groups

Children, Teens, and Parenting

Specialty Groups

Consultation Groups

Groups for Therapists

Workshops and Trainings

Advertise Your Group! Submission Guidelines

We also accept display ads like the one at the top of this section.


Renée Owen, LMFT                                             415 453 8117
Weekly group for Clinicians & Non-clinicians. Receive support, interpersonal process work, goal setting. Great adjunct to Individual Therapy.  25+ years experience

Susan Pease Gadoua, LCSW                             415 448 6242
Ongoing biweekly groups provide community, emotional support & information for all stages of divorce or separation. Topics: self-esteem, empowerment and recovery from difficult feelings and situations.

Susan Pease Gadoua, LCSW                             415 448 6242
Ideal for any woman who is ready to change unhealthy relationship patterns. Bring to light outdated beliefs and perceptions that set women up for unfulfilling, sometimes abusive situations.

Gilda Meyers, LMFT                                             415 453 1839
Ongoing online groups exploring issues of midlife and aging. Age 70+ meets 2nd & 4th Sat/mth, 10:00-11:30am. Age 60+ meets 3rd Sat/month 10am-12:00pm. Call for flyer, info, free interview.

Lois Friedlander, LMFT, CGP                              415 383 3337
Integrates psychodynamic, interpersonal models. For students, professionals. Examine relationships. Consultant: Dr. Irv Yalom Wednesday, 6:30-8 PM, Ongoing. 3569 Sacramento Street, SF.

Dr. Jean Hayes, LMFT                                         415 897 1348
Gain tools and develop strategies for successful weight loss/long-term maintenance. Food plans individualized for new habits with group therapy & support for emotional ups/downs 12-week am/pm sessions.

Keren Josephs, Intern, CIP
Supervisor, Dylan Kersh, LMFT                         415 459 5999 x450

Strengthen self-awareness of yourself, your thoughts and emotions. San Rafael, Mon. 6:15-7:45pm. Zoom for now.

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Scott Nelson, PhD, LMFT                                    415 383 9254
New group. Resolve personal challenges, greater personal competence, emotional balance & awareness; become better leaders (home/elsewhere). Wed 5-6:30pm. Zoom.

David Kest, LMFT                                                 415 246 1739
Heartfelt Zoom meetings. Practice mindfulness, safe conversations, relationship skills to promote healing & growth. Ready for the next level through support & compassion? Wed, 7-9pm. San Rafael.


Renée Owen, LMFT                                              415 453 8117

Weekly coed process/support groups (for single or partnered/married). Explore blocks & create more fulfillment & success in relationships & life. M/T/TH pm's. 25+ yrs experience.

Renée Owen, LMFT                                              415 453 8117

9-Week coed Psychoed group/class to create more successful relationships. Assists in overcoming blocks & obstacles. Excellent adjunct to Indiv Therapy. M/T/TH pm's.

Lou Dangles, LMFT & Chris Armstrong, LMFT  415 454 2722
Members will have an opportunity to learn about relationship patterns in their lives, understand impact on others. Weds, 7:30– 9 PM San Anselmo

Dr. Jean Hayes, LMFT                                           415 897 1348
For women and men contemplating weight loss surgery and for those post-surgery, to establish new eating habits for weight loss and successful maintenance. 12-week AM and PM sessions in Novato

Dr. Jean Hayes, LMFT                                           415 897 1348
For women & men contemplating their behavior, use or abuse of various substances, i.e., alcohol, drugs, food, pills, sex, shopping, gambling-effects on aspects of their lives. 12-week. AM & PM in Novato.

Kathy Jarosz, LCSW                                             415 999 4414
Crash course to improve communication. Focus on skills to use right away based on Gottman research and techniques. Great relationship tune-up. One evening per month.

Art Raisman, PhD                                                  415 453 4271
High functioning groups open to therapists and non-therapists. Tuesday or Wednesday PM.





Scott Nelson, PhD, LMFT                                     415 383 9254
Education-impacts of abuse; support for exploring response-able resolution to personal & couple, self-care challenges with others. More info at website. Th, 5-6:30pm. Zoom.

Laurie Buntain, LMFT                                            415 721 9555
Explore and understand your relationship with money. Identify influences & patterns to increase rational financial behavior & harmony. 7 sessions for individuals & couples. Meets biweekly in Kentfield.

Dr. Jean Hayes, LMFT                                           415 897 1348
Therapeutic skills and problem solving for new possibilities, learned and practiced through interacting with unique and friendly horses and farm animals for adults, adolescents and youth.

Dr. Shira Marin, LMFT                                           415 488 5557
Clinicians/non-clinicians. Liberate self-expression, cultivate self-awareness & self-acceptance and transform self-judgment. 8-weeks. San Rafael

Ashley Coover, Trainee & Katalin Szabo, Pre-Doctoral Intern,
Supervisor, Dylan Kersh, LMFT, CIP                   415 459 5999 x450

San Rafael, Wed., 6:15-7:45pm. Zoom for now.

Holly Seerley, LMFT                                              415 383 6656
12 weeks. Executive Functioning skills: organizing, planning, and managing time.

Holly Seerley, LMFT                                              415 383 6656
Online. Neuroscience! De-escalate, feel safer, stop reactive patterns.


Renée Owen, LMFT                                              415 453 8117
Connect & network with colleagues, General case consult, Help in creating a thriving practice, or starting, facilitating or sustaining groups. Meets 1x/mth online. 25+ years experience.

Scott Nelson, PhD, LMFT                                    415 383 9254
Ongoing group 1.5 hours twice a month – 6 members. 43 years experience. Your energy engaged, your knowledge strengthened, your insight brightened

Fran Goldie-Marcus, LCSW                                 415 892 4310
Consultation group with special emphasis on evaluating and treating personality disordered clients from a psychodynamic and object relations perspective. Call for more info, or

Geraldine Alpert, PhD.                                         415 497 9479
Formerly Director Post Doc Training at Kaiser; Assoc. Prof of Psychiatry at UCSF, Director of Group Therapy at McAuley Neuropsychiatric Institute. Input/Support.


Geraldine Alpert PhD, Elaine Cooper PhD LCSW 415 479 9479
One opening in high functioning, long term, co-ed group with psychodynamic, interpersonal orientation. Wednesday AM in San Rafael.

Art Raisman, PhD, PSY#7795                              415 453 4271  
Ass't Clin. Prof., Psychiatry, UCSF. For mental health professionals and trainees, ongoing since 1984. Thurs am, SF. Currently online. or




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