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President's Message

by Adam Cohen, LMFT

2021 President and Marketing Director-At-Large

It’s an understatement to say that the events of 2020 were unexpected. An especially unexpected part of this past year was what happened to my relationship with this community. I’ve served on Marin CAMFT’s board the past few years because I wanted to feel more connected to the network of therapists in Marin. My pre-COVID-19 schedule, however, prevented me from attending the majority of Marin CAMFT events, so I had limited opportunity to spend time with fellow members. It felt as though I had one foot in this community by being on the board, but also one foot out due to my absence from many of our events. I didn’t like how this tension made me feel.

In response to COVID-19, I took on the job of hosting many Marin CAMFT events via Zoom, which for an introvert-leaning human, was a bit out of my comfort zone. But through participating in most every Marin CAMFT event last year, I was able to spend so much face-to-face (albeit, through screens) and email time with our members. This truly has left me feeling a deeper sense of connection - it has been just so lovely.

This is why I am overjoyed and honored to serve as Marin CAMFT’s next President. I hope to continue enriching my relationships within this community, to continue stretching professionally beyond the therapy office, and to do whatever I can to leave as many of you feeling as supported and connected as I have felt this past year.

It is going to be quite an interesting year.

Like all of you, I am incredibly curious to see what happens next. With the prospects of coming out of this COVID-19 pandemic on the horizon, I know many of us are asking ourselves a lot of questions. Will I go back into the office? Do I want to? If not, what does that look like for my practice or my work? If yes, what would have to be true for me, and for my clients, to feel safe to return to in-office work together?

What about Marin CAMFT? Will we return to in-person trainings and gatherings? If so, when, and what needs to be true for this to happen? Will we continue offering virtual events? What the heck is going to happen?!?

My fellow Board Members and I have been asking these questions since the pandemic began. We, like you, don’t have all the answers yet. We, like you, are traveling through this state of uncertainty as thoughtfully as we can. Integral to this process will be communication with and from you, our members. We want to know how you are sitting with these questions, how you are feeling, and what you are needing or hoping for. Ultimately, we don’t want you to feel alone.

This is my priority as President: To support each and every Marin CAMFT member with navigating the choices and transitions that 2021 will bring.

It is my hope that we all can step into the next phase, whatever it looks like for our community and our profession, together, feeling strong, supported, and connected.


Past President's Message

by Lynne Clyde, LMFT

2021 Past President

2020. What an "OMG" kind of year. So many mind-boggling, harrowing events—any one of which would be considered a unique experience in our lives, yet we experienced a seemingly endless string of them.

Needless to say, it was not exactly the year Marin CAMFT had anticipated! At our planning retreat in January 2020, we had determined that a major goal for the year would be to increase social opportunities, fun, and connection. Of course, nobody could have predicted what would happen soon after.

While we didn’t get the in-person social opportunities, when I consider how much bonding occurred last year as we navigated so many difficult circumstances, I do believe we aced the connection goal. Personally, I feel so connected to so many people I did not know at all or barely knew years prior—connection on a level that probably wouldn’t have happened playing mini golf.

It was a privilege and an honor to serve as President through 2020. In spite of the obstacles, I feel so proud of all we accomplished in our work together. So many obstacles became opportunities for major improvements. The details of those accomplishments are covered well by Dan Neuharth in his message below, so I will dedicate this space to offering gratitude.

Thank you, MCAMFT Board of 2020!

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our MCAMFT volunteers who deserve so much recognition.

First, the amazing, compassionate, and collaborative Board Members who carried us through 2020...

I will start with a very special thank you to Dan Neuharth, our 2019 President, 2020 Past President, and Interim Communications Director. In addition to serving as Past President throughout 2020, Dan also stepped up to handle and transform our communications. From improving the design and functionality of the website, to producing an engaging and content-rich newsletter, Dan has done an incredible job keeping people in the know with regards to all things Marin CAMFT. For this unpaid job, Dan showed up with the skillset, work ethic and professionalism that would suggest he was being paid a high salary. Of course, he wasn’t, that was just Dan being outstanding. We hope Dan leaves knowing how grateful we are for all his hard work and for the lasting changes he has facilitated during his time with MCAMFT.

Thank you also to Pat Saunders for her outstanding work and leadership this year. Pat has served MCAMFT for so many years. She has done a fantastic job holding down not one but two positions on the Board as both Secretary and CE Programs Director, both of which are huge jobs. You probably noticed, Pat continues to secure and provide an exceptional and timely lineup of speakers for our lectures and workshops (read on in this newsletter to hear about events already scheduled for the beginning of 2021!). Pat’s strong leadership skills are such an asset to this Board, and she brings a wonderful combination of professionalism and playfulness to the table.

Thank you to our Treasurer Laurie Buntain for who she is, her huge heart, and for her unwavering dedication to this organization. Laurie has put so much time and energy into MCAMFT over the years, and now we are very fortunate that Laurie is offering her financial expertise. With her guidance, MCAMFT continues to be outstanding in the realm of financial management. Last year, State CAMFT acknowledged our chapter with an outstanding fiscal management award. We are fiscally sound as a chapter and we continue to improve under Laurie’s skilled leadership.

Thank you to Adam Cohen, our Marketing Director and incoming President. When the shelter-in-place orders went into effect in March 2020, the Board rallied to find solutions. Adam took on the essential task of figuring out how to convert our in-person programming to a webinar format. Stepping into a role that did not exist before, he has mastered the platform and helped our speakers and members make the transition from in-person to online presentations. Adam now holds the unofficial role of Zoom wizard and MCAMFT CE webinar host. We are thrilled Adam is serving us as President of Marin CAMFT this year. We are in very good hands with Adam.

Thank you to Beth Leib who serves on the Board as our Community Outreach Director. The decision to launch the MCAMFT Trauma Response Team (TRT) has been validated by the challenging events of the last year. Beth and her TRT co-chairs Dee Treshnell and Kathy Ries have worked so hard to move the MCAMFT TRT from concept to fruition. Thank you so much Beth, Dee, and Kathy for all the effort you have put in building and training the team, and for broadening our reach to those in need in our community.

Thank you to Ian Mason for his many contributions as our Pre-licensed Director over the last two years. Because of Ian, awareness of Marin CAMFT has increased among students and Associates, and we have more than doubled our pre-licensed membership numbers. As of 2021, Ian is moving on from the Board, and understandably so, since he is planning on taking his licensing exam. We are so grateful to Ian for his contributions, his positive presence, and his delightful wit, and we wish him well on completing his journey to licensure.

Finally, thank you to Meri Hayos for offering her big heart and expertise to MCAMFT. In 2020, Meri served as interim Membership Director, and our numbers are now higher than they have been in several years! Meri also stepped up to represent therapists at meetings with Marin County Public Health Officials to determine COVID-19 safety guidelines in the County, and she has kept us up to date on those guidelines. We are thrilled that Meri will continue on with the Board in 2021 as our official Membership Director, as she is truly wonderful to work with.

Thank you, MCAMFT Volunteer Contributors

I cannot emphasize enough how essential our MCAMFT volunteers are—a fact that was underscored so many times over the course of this past year.

  • The members of the MCAMFT Trauma Response Team

  • Marty Frankel and Tim Stein for their service on the CE Committee

  • Elaine McMahonMarty Frankel, Dori Rosenberg and Suzanne Alfandari for their service on the Scholarship committee

  • Pam Sweeney for her many years of service to this organization, holding multiple Board positions, and serving on various committees

  • Renee Owen for her many years of service managing the Therapy Groups list

  • Susan Pease-Gadoua for serving as our listserv moderator and manager

  • Myron Walters for his many years of service moderating and managing the MCAMFT listserv

  • Lois Friedlander for launching two very successful support groups for pre-licensed and newly licensed clinicians

  • Victoria Herzog for consulting with the Board on diversity and inclusiveness

  • Wendy Homer for her service at the in-person Friday CE Lectures

  • Suzanne Richardson for her service on the Green Committee

  • Ilene Wolff for her inspiring and timely newsletter article last year

Goodbye, 2020. Hello New Year!

2020 was truly an incredible year for clinicians, and for our organization.

Individually and collectively, we had to step up to the plate to represent the faces and voices of resilience, healing, and hope—even when we were struggling ourselves. As we say goodbye to 2020, it’s my wish to you that we all recognize our huge role in being part of the solution, and that we can stay connected to the love, resilience, and gratitude that got us through.

Wishing all of you a happy new year full of smiles, good health, peace, and brighter days. Stay safe, stay strong.


We're in our 2021 Marin CAMFT Membership Drive!

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Outgoing Past President's Message

by Dan Neuharth, PhD, LMFT

2020 Past President

It has been an honor and a joy to have served the members of Marin CAMFT, first as 2019 chapter President, and in 2020 as Past President.

When I joined the board in 2019, Marin CAMFT was facing concerns that our chapter might not be viable to continue. As we enter 2021, I am pleased to say that thanks to the hard work of Marin CAMFT’s amazing board of directors and volunteers, as well as the fantastic support from our members, our chapter is one of the most vibrant, innovative, and healthy among CAMFT’s 28 chapters.

Some of our chapter’s notable recent accomplishments:

Growing Membership

At the end of 2020 we had 359 active members, up 14% from a year earlier. In addition, our pre-licensed membership increased by 37% in 2020.

More Events than Ever

Although our ambitious schedule of in-person Continuing Education presentations, chapter hikes, networking luncheons, happy hours, and even mini-golf and kayaking outings planned for 2020 came to a screeching halt last March, under the nimble leadership of 2020 President Lynne Clyde we switched to online events and held 41 CE and other chapter events — more than double the event total in 2019!

Greater Attendance at Events

Total 2020 attendance at our CE events also more than doubled 2019’s attendance numbers. This was in part because our Zoom programs attracted CAMFT members from other counties and chapters who would not have traveled to our in-person events pre-COVID-19. While our primary allegiance is and will always be to our own chapter’s members, having more non-members attend offers greater opportunities for community and networking, and brings in additional revenue, allowing us to hold more events and attract more accomplished speakers.

Attention to Diversity

We held two workshops on diversity in 2020 and are planning more diversity workshops in 2021. We also added a Diversity and Inclusiveness section on our website offering education, resources, and dialogue.

Member Empowerment and Support

We held 19 community chats on Sunday evenings for members to get support and exchange tips on coping with how COVID-19 has changed our lives, our clients' lives, and our practices. The Sunday chats allowed members to connect and get to know each other in ways that likely never would have happened without the restrictions of this pandemic.

Member Perks

Our members’ Podcast Library has grown to nearly a dozen Marin CAMFT CE presentations, with more than 26 hours of audio recordings and their accompanying handouts and PowerPoint presentations.

Giving Back to the Community

Our unflappable Trauma Response Team has grown to more than 10 members who are available to respond as Disaster Mental Health workers to Red Cross Disaster Relief events. In addition, the Team is part of a pilot project with Mill Valley schools to assist with mental health emergencies affecting students and teachers, and is partnering with county agencies to provide short-term pro-bono sessions for people suffering acute grief and loss due to the pandemic.

Financial Health

Our chapter's revenue-and-expense picture is significantly brighter than we had forecast a year ago, primarily due to increased CE programs, a switch to online-only events, and an increase in membership. In addition, we have continued to safeguard our very healthy chapter reserves, increased efficiency in income-handling, and strategically reduced other expenses. All these factors will ensure that Marin CAMFT has the financial resources to provide an extensive schedule of events for our members in 2021 and beyond.

And Now, Looking Ahead

As we enter the new year, our chapter is well positioned with a stronger-than-ever lineup of continuing education programs and chapter events, and a dynamic leadership team headed by President Adam Cohen and Past President Lynne Clyde.

As 2020 Chapter President, Lynne Clyde brought her unique blend of heart, warmth, and soul. Lynne excels at making those around her look good, giving credit and acknowledgment for even the smallest contributions. She will remain active in 2021 as Past President.

Your incoming 2021 Chapter President, Adam Cohen, is already well known to many members for his calm and steady hosting of our Zoom CE events. Prior to becoming Chapter President, Adam has been our marketing whiz and created two well-attended and informative Practice Building workshops. He is also our tech champion who, more than anyone, helped the Marin Chapter switch to online events virtually overnight when the shelter-in-place mandates were first imposed.

Adam and Lynne are both recipients of Outstanding Leadership Awards from state CAMFT. Supporting them in 2021 will be our Board Members:

  • Pat Saunders, who works tirelessly as both Chapter Secretary and Director of Programs, bringing engaging CE programs to our chapter

  • Laurie Buntain, our wise and experienced Treasurer

  • Meri Hayos, returning to board service as Director of Membership

  • Beth Leib, Director of Community Services and co-chair of our Trauma Response Team

On a personal note, it has been my honor and privilege to work with such a great group of people who are dedicated to supporting our members and advancing the work of MFTs in Marin. I will deeply miss being a part of the core team, but I am gratified that the chapter is in such capable hands. I will be leaving the board to focus on my private practice and my writing activities, but I’ll still be an active chapter member.

With gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to each of you and to our therapeutic community,


Coming Attractions in Continuing Education from Marin CAMFT

by Patricia Saunders, LMFT

Secretary and Director of Programs & Continuing Education

I hope everyone had a great holiday season, even though it was quite different than what we normally experience.

Last year was filled with interesting and informative lectures! Our thanks go out to all the presenters who made 2020 a success for our chapter.

The coming year looks like it will be just as great. Check out the events we have already planned in the calendar below. As you can see, 2021 is going to be a stellar year for professional development at Marin CAMFT. I hope you will join us!


January - February - March 2021 Events

The full Events Calendar can always be found on


January 8

12:00 - 2:00


An Interactive Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques/EFT Tapping

Presenter: Suzanne Alfandari, MFT


January 16 & January 23

9:00 - 12:00


Suicide Risk Assessment and Intervention

Presenter: David Jensen, JD

This two-part course satisfies the new BBS requirement that is now in effect. Two Saturdays; must attend both sessions to earn the required six hours of CE.


February 12

12:00 - 2:00

Couples Therapy: Billing, Documentation, and Ethical Dilemmas

Presenter: Barbara Griswold, MFT


March 12

12:00 - 2:00


Fundamentals of Art Therapy & How It Can Help You Break Through Blocks in Treatment with Children

Presenter: Lisa Spivack, MFT, ATR


March 20

9:00 - 11:00


Black Minds Matter

Presenter: J. Luke Wood, PhD


April 9

12:00 - 2:00

Working with the Cultural Outsider in Psychotherapy

Presenter: Dennis Portnoy


April 24

9:00 - 12:00


Introduction to the NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM)

Presenter: Brad Kammer, MFT, LPCC, SEP,  NMT


May 9

9:00 - 12:00

Sex Addiction and Partner Betrayal

Presenters: Tim Stein, MFT, &
Jeanne Vattuone, LCSE, CSAT, CCPS-S, CPTT-S

The 2021 Marin CAMFT Membership Drive

by Meri Hayos, LMFT

Membership Director

We all experienced the significant challenges that 2020 brought for our psychotherapy practices. As we moved our practices to our “home offices” (aka living rooms and bedrooms) and tried to source the best HIPAA-compliant video platform, we temporarily lost the ability to congregate face-to-face, both with our clients, and with our colleagues.

Throughout these challenges, many of us have been grateful for the resources provided by Marin CAMFT to support and connect us, move our careers forward, and help us make a difference in the lives of our clients.

During 2020, Marin CAMFT provided incredible value to its members, and your Board of Directors plans to continue that throughout 2021.

In order to do that: We need your membership! Please renew today!


What do you get as a Marin CAMFT member?

Benefits of Marin CAMFT include:

  • Amazing online CE opportunities, including FREE CEs! As an approved provider, MCAMFT sponsors trainings and workshops throughout the year. Marin CAMFT offers 18+ FREE CE units per year, so you can get nearly all required continuing education for FREE. Other CE opportunities are offered at discounted rates to Marin CAMFT members -- including suicide prevention training to meet the new BBS requirement!

  • Networking and connection! Many opportunities to get to know the larger psychotherapeutic community in Marin on both personal and professional levels. During the pandemic, this has included regular member online chat sessions to help us connect and share information. This not only builds your professional network and increases your referrals, it can also greatly reduce the isolation many clinicians experience, particularly during these challenging times.

  • Special offers! Membership also means discounts on various MCAMFT programs and workshops, mailing labels if you’re marketing to therapists, advertising for your therapy groups and events, and occasional deals from our business partners and affiliates.


What can you do on the Marin CAMFT website?

Your resources:

  • Calendar of continuing education and events. Check out the Marin CAMFT Calendar and register online for upcoming opportunities.

  • Your professional listing in Find a Therapist. You can update your online profile in the therapist directory at any time. Instructions for updating your profile are here.

  • Online library of recently presented Continuing Education programs, including audio recordings, handouts, and slides, if available.

  • Bulletin Board where you can post available office space, items for sale, employment wanted or offered, etc.

  • Access to current and prior editions of MCAMFT Newsletters.

  • Browse the Therapy Groups List.

  • Sign up for the Marin CAMFT Listserv, our private email group that facilitates dynamic exchanges with other members. Our listserv provides another opportunity to network and get solutions to clinical and practice issues, learn about upcoming workshops and groups happening in the wider Marin therapeutic community or announce your own event, and get recommendations, referrals, internship opportunities, and other field-related opportunities.

For a minimal annual fee, your membership in Marin CAMFT offers so much!

Don’t miss out on being a part of MCAMFT 2021! Please log in and renew your membership today.

And if you haven’t already: Please consider setting the Automatic Payments option so your membership will auto-renew in the future. Thanks to all of you who have already done this! Your membership will renew automatically without further action.

Don’t forget that membership for students and pre-licensed therapists (who are also members of state CAMFT) is FREE.

And, a reminder that Marin CAMFT is going green and paper checks will no longer be accepted after March 1, 2021. Payments for new memberships, renewals, and CE events can be processed quickly and securely on our web site, which accepts all major credit cards and debit cards. To ease into this transition, we will accept checks and paper renewals one last time during this current renewal period.

Please don't hesitate to contact our Membership Director, Meri Hayos, if you have any questions.

We look forward to having you with us again in 2021!


Take care of the new BBS requirement:
Attend Marin CAMFT's Suicide Prevention training!

Six hours over two Saturdays in January.
Presented by Dave Jensen, JD.
More information here!

2020 Kristina M. Carey Scholarship Awards

by Elaine McMahon, LMFT, Scholarship Committee Chair

Each year, two Kristina M. Carey Scholarship awards for $1,000 are given out to two pre-licensed members of Marin CAMFT.

I would like to thank the Marin CAMFT Scholarship team -- Marty Frankel, Suzanne Alfandari, and Dori Rosenberg -- for their work in interviewing candidates and awarding the 2020 scholarships.

As announced at our Holiday Event on December 4th, our 2020 Kristina M. Carey Scholarships have been awarded to Kacy Dapp and Liisa Pullinen.


Kacy is a student trainee in graduate school at Notre Dame de Namur University. She is due to graduate school in May 2021. Her current placement is with Community Institute for Psychotherapy, where along with seeing clients she is co-facilitating a women’s support group.

Prior to her current placement, Kacy volunteered in the field at a crisis support center in Oakland and at McAuley Psychiatric Unit for Adolescents, at UCSF Intensive Care Unit, and at Alameda Crisis Support Services.

Kacy also has a strong background in design and fashion and is involved with creating knitting patterns for the local textile organization, Fibershed.

Kacy said, "It was thrilling news and an honor to be awarded a scholarship from Marin CAMFT in the name of a beloved member. I am humbled by the generosity and the care MCAMFT puts into their members, and to cross paths with others who have endured in the field is inspiring."


Liisa attended San Jose State and San Francisco State for her degrees. Her current internship is with Community Institute for Psychotherapy. Previous internships have been with the Bill Wilson Center, San Francisco State University Psychology Clinic, and Edgewood Center. 

In previous volunteer work, Liisa worked on a crisis text line, as a mentor to young adults facing mental health issues, and as a behavioral aide for children and adults diagnosed with autism. Liisa is certified as a registered yoga teacher, along with training and certification in Trauma Informed Yoga.

Liisa said, "Thank you so much to Marin CAMFT for this award! It means so much to me to be honored in this way and I am so grateful for all of your support."


Quite a while ago, both Kacy and Liisa began their therapeutic training through their interest in psychology and volunteerism, and their enthusiasm and drive for understanding how to support clients continues on this long road to licensure.

These scholarships are a way for Marin CAMFT members to acknowledge the journey and the sacrifice that trainees and interns make in preparing themselves for this honorable profession. Thank you to all who have supported this meaningful initiative through your donations.


Here are a few more quick updates from 2020!


Holiday 2020

The Marin CAMFT Holiday 2020 Zoom in early December was a success!

We managed to snap one picture of our virtual gathering.

Click to view full-size photo on the web!

We had many more in attendance than are pictured here!Apologies to those who joined us who we weren't able to capture in a photo.

Treasurer's Report

Click to view financials on the web!

Marin CAMFT is financially healthy. Your membership dues are very much appreciated! 

Our new logo!

Also at our Holiday Event, we unveiled the new Marin CAMFT logo!

Support ● Inclusivity ● Community ● Heart

This new logo pulls together meaning and symbolism for our chapter. The image of Mt. Tam represents our beautiful local community. The CAMFT rings represent the partnership that connects us to State CAMFT. The heart embodies our healing arts, and is held in the hands that symbolize diversity, inclusivity, and our support for each other as helping professionals who help the people of Marin.

Thank you to Patricia Saunders and Lynne Clyde for their work in creating this new visual representation of our Chapter!

Community Outreach: Report from the Trauma Response Team

As we all enter 2021, the Marin CAMFT Trauma Response Team would like to remind everyone to please take good care of yourselves. Clearly, 2020 was a difficult year for many. As we engage in the therapeutic process with clients, self-care can often take a second seat. We hope that you will take the time to nurture yourself.

We are excited to develop several projects in this new year, including building our skills as a trauma response team, adding a school crisis team, and offering pro bono sessions to those most affected by COVID-19. Our monthly TRT meetings are building momentum as we continue to gain new members to our team and attract speakers who educate and inspire us.

We began our November meeting by checking in with our disaster mental health professions. Members reported on their personal experiences and pertinent courses in the field of disaster mental health and trauma work. A new member, Tammie Grant, discussed the “Flash Technique” for trauma treatment, developed by Dr. Philip Manfield, who has authored five books on psychotherapy and EMDR. Our TRT members continue to learn new techniques, including attendance at a Flash Technique webinar by Dr. Philip Manfield on December 12th.

TRT Chair Dee Treshnell reported on her work in the field during disasters, and the necessity to remain flexible and innovative under stress. TRT Chair Beth Leib described the core actions of Psychological First Aid and how PFA can also help prevent compassion fatigue and caretaker burnout during these challenging times.

TRT Chair Kathleen Ries briefly reported on the latest weekly Marin County public health coronavirus update facilitated by VOAD. Our members also bring experience to our team through DMH, EMDR, Brainspotting and other modalities in the treatment of trauma. Laurie Javier shared an interesting overview of her training in Brainspotting.

We are excited about our upcoming speakers including Tammie Grant, Melissa d’Amore and Pam Lister. Each speaker brings their own unique knowledge and experience in the field of trauma treatment.

We encourage you to join our team at this intersection, where we meld former members and their expertise with new members who are adding positive energy and enthusiasm. You may contact any of the Co-Chairs below if you would like more information or to get involved.

As Marin CAMFT’s Trauma Response Team, we are looking forward to 2021 and our continued work with the Red Cross, establishing our school crisis team, and our COVID-19 pro-bono work. Our goal for 2021 is to become more involved and of service to our community.

Wishing you the best in 2021,

Beth, Dee, and Kathleen

MCAMFT Trauma and Disaster Response Team

Beth Leib, LMFT

Dee Treshnell, LMFT

Kathleen Ries, LMFT, MS, MPH, RD

Our next Trauma Response Team meeting will be by Zoom on Friday, January 22, 2021 at 11:00 am. We are pleased to have Melissa d’Amore speaking on Disaster Mental Health and Trauma Treatment.

Please contact one of the TRT Chairs above if you’re interested in joining us.

Update on Diversity Initiatives, and an Invitation!

Over the past several months, your Board has been hard at work pondering how we as a chapter might make diversity a more visible and enduring goal. Our first effort was the Diversity and Inclusiveness resources launched on Marin CAMFT’s website in October. This proposed Diversity Committee is another.

Our hope is to begin and continue a dialogue that leads to action. One starting point of discussion might be in how we conduct ourselves with each other: Moving from an unconsciously white Eurocentric model, to a more multicultural model, in an effort to make our chapter more welcoming and safer for all.

We want our chapter to fully reflect our diverse Marin County communities, both in our membership, and the clients our members serve. We are interested in taking action to make Marin CAMFT more inclusive. We want to identify where therapists of color are working, both MFTs and pre-licensed, and where clients of color are being served, so we can engage them in dialogue, and explore what services MCAMFT might add to be of value.

Right now we have more questions than answers, however we are committed to change. How can we expand our vision and real-world outreach to do our part to make a difference? If you would like to be part of this initiative, and bring your ideas and issues for us to explore, please contact Marty Frankel at Let’s plan to meet via Zoom in January, at a date and time to be determined by your interest and availability.


The current Therapy Groups List is also available on the MCAMFT website.

Groups for Women

Groups for Men

Co-Ed Groups

Children, Teens, and Parenting

Specialty Groups

Consultation Groups

Groups for Therapists

Workshops and Trainings

Advertise Your Group! Submission Guidelines

We also accept display ads like the one at the top of this section.


Renée Owen, LMFT                                             415 453 8117
Weekly group for women (Clinicians & Nonclinicians). Receive support, interpersonal process work, goal setting. Excellent adjunct to Individual Therapy. M/T/TH pm's. 25+ years expernc.

Susan Pease Gadoua, LCSW                             415 448 6242
Ongoing biweekly groups provide community, emotional support and information for all stages of divorce or separation. Topics: self-esteem, empowerment and recovery from difficult feelings and situations.

Susan Pease Gadoua, LCSW                             415 448 6242
Ideal for any woman who is ready to change unhealthy relationship patterns. Bring to light outdated beliefs and perceptions that set women up for unfulfilling, sometimes abusive situations.

Gilda Meyers, LMFT                                             415 453 1839
Ongoing online groups exploring issues of midlife and aging. Age 70+ meets 2nd & 4th Sat/mth, 10:00-11:30am. Age 60+ meets 3rd Sat/month 10am-12:00pm. Call for flyer, info, free interview.

Lois Friedlander, LMFT, CGP                              415 383 3337
Integrates psychodynamic, interpersonal models. For students, professionals. Examine relationships. Consultant: Dr. Irv Yalom Wednesday, 6:30-8 PM, Ongoing. 3569 Sacramento Street, SF.

Dr. Jean Hayes, LMFT                                         415 897 1348
Gain tools and develop strategies for successful weight loss/ long-term maintenance. Food plans individualized for new habits with group therapy & support for emotional ups/downs 12-week am/pm sessions.

Kacy Dapp & Keren Josephs, Interns, CIP
Supervisor, Dylan Kersh, LMFT                         415 459 5999 x450

Strengthen self-awareness of yourself, your thoughts and emotions. San Rafael, Mon. 6:15-7:45pm. Zoom for now.

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Scott Nelson, PhD, LMFT                                    415 383 9254
New group. Resolve personal challenges, greater personal competence, emotional balance & awareness; become better leaders (home/elsewhere). Wed 5-6:30pm. Zoom.

David Kest, LMFT                                                 415 246 1739
Heartfelt Zoom meetings. Practice mindfulness, safe conversations & relationship skills to promote healing & growth. Ready for the next level through support & compassion? Wed, 7-9pm. San Rafael.


Renée Owen, LMFT                                              415 453 8117

Weekly coed process/support groups (for single or partnered/married). Explore blocks & create more fulfillment & success in relationships & life. M/T/TH pm's. 25+ yrs experience.

Renée Owen, LMFT                                              415 453 8117

9-Week coed Psychoed group/class to create more successful relationships. Assists in overcoming blocks & obstacles. Excellent adjunct to Indiv Therapy. M/T/TH pm's.

Lou Dangles, LMFT & Chris Armstrong, LMFT  415 454 2722
Members will have an opportunity to learn about relationship patterns in their lives, understand impact on others Weds, 7:30– 9 PM San Anselmo

Dr. Jean Hayes, LMFT                                           415 897 1348
For women and men contemplating weight loss surgery and for those post- surgery, to establish new eating habits for weight loss and successful maintenance. 12-week AM and PM sessions in Novato

Dr. Jean Hayes, LMFT                                           415 897 1348
For women & men contemplating their behavior, use or abuse of various substances, i.e., alcohol, drugs, food, pills, sex, shopping, gambling-effects on aspects of their lives. 12-week. AM & PM in Novato.

Kathy Jarosz, LCSW                                             415 999 4414
Crash course to improve communication with a partner. Focus on skills to use right away. Materials given for practice. Great relationship tune-up. One evening per month.

Art Raisman, PhD                                                  415 453 4271
High functioning groups open to therapists and non-therapists. Tuesday or Wednesday PM.





Scott Nelson, PhD, LMFT                                     415 383 9254
Education-impacts of abuse; support for exploring response-able resolution to personal & couple, self-care challenges with others. See website for more info. Thur, 5-6:30pm. Zoom.

Laurie Buntain, LMFT                                            415 721 9555
Explore and understand your relationship with money. Identify influences & patterns to increase rational financial behavior & harmony. 7 sessions for individuals & couples. Meets biweekly in Kentfield.

Dr. Jean Hayes, LMFT                                           415 897 1348
Therapeutic skills and problem solving for new possibilities, learned and practiced through interacting with unique and friendly horses and farm animals for adults, adolescents and youth.

Dr. Shira Marin, LMFT                                           415 499 0737
Clinicians/non-clinicians. Liberate self-expression, cultivate self-awareness & self-acceptance and transform self-judgment. 8-weeks.. San Rafael

Yael Heffer, Trainee & Katalin Szabo, Pre-Doctoral Intern,
Supervisor, Dylan Kersh, LMFT, CIP                   415 459 5999 x450

San Rafael, Wed., 6:15-7:45pm. Zoom for now.

Holly Seerley, LMFT                                              415 383 6656
12 weeks. Executive Functioning skills: organizing, planning, and managing time.

Holly Seerley, LMFT                                              415 383 6656
Online. Neuroscience! De-escalate, feel safer, stop reactive patterns.


Renée Owen, LMFT                                              415 453 8117
Connect & network with colleagues, General case consult, Help in creating a thriving practice, or starting, facilitating or sustaining groups. Meets 1x/mth online. 25+ years experience.

Scott Nelson, PhD, LMFT                                    415 383 9254
Ongoing group 1.5 hours twice a month – 6 members. 43 years experience Your  energy engaged, your knowledge strengthened, your insight brightened

Fran Goldie-Marcus, LCSW                                 415 892 4310
Consultation group with special emphasis on evaluating and treating personality disordered clients from a psychodynamic and object relations perspective. Call for more info or

Geraldine Alpert, PhD.                                         415 497 9479
Formerly Director Post Doc Training at Kaiser; Assoc. Prof of Psychiatry at UCSF, Director of Group Therapy at McAuley Neuropsychiatric Institute. Input/ Support.


Geraldine Alpert PhD, Elaine Cooper PhD LCSW 415 479 9479
One opening in high functioning, long term, co-ed group with psychodynamic, interpersonal orientation. Wednesday AM in San Rafael.

Art Raisman, PhD, PSY#7795                              415 453 4271  
Ass't Clin. Prof., Psychiatry, UCSF. For mental health professionals and trainees, ongoing since 1984. Thurs am, SF. Currently online. or




Hi! I'm Lisa - the new Newsletter Editor for Marin CAMFT Connections!

I am a trainee at Community Institute for Psychotherapy. I've felt so welcomed as a pre-licensed therapist by everyone in the Marin CAMFT community! What an amazing organization you all have built here.

As you can see, we have rolled out a new format for our quarterly Marin CAMFT Connections. We would love to hear what you think! You can reach me directly at You can also share your suggestions with any member of the board.

What could we be doing more of? What do you wish this would be? In what ways can we improve in how we're communicating with you? Tell us!

Or, would you like to contribute an article? We would love to get it! Or your book review, conference report, or even evidence of your amazing creativity in the form of a poem or short story about your experiences as a therapist. Go to our Newsletter Submissions page for information and submission instructions.

I look forward to serving Marin CAMFT's membership in this new role!




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