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2020 vision is the perfect theme for what we do as professionals; how we spend our days helping others develop the insight and clarity to make fundamental changes. The theme also applies to Marin CAMFT, an organization dedicated to supporting helping professionals in Marin County. Marin CAMFT is committed to putting our members’ vision of change, new opportunities and desired benefits into action.

In 2020, Marin CAMFT is still going strong. We are proud to report that even though Marin is one of the smaller counties in California, our 300+ membership makes us one of the larger chapters in the state. To keep the vision, the mission and the momentum going, Marin CAMFT will continue to offer a full year of events that provide opportunity for connection, support, learning, service and lots of fun. Our Friday Continuing Education Series, held the second Friday of each month (except for July, August and December) at our roomier, more accessible new location in Terra Linda, promises several dynamic topics this year. It’s free to members and includes lunch! In addition, the CE Committee is working on  various new Friday programs (Therapy with Seniors, Group Therapy, Body Image Issues, Gender, Tapping) as well as new Saturday Workshop topics (Psychopharmacology, Forensic Mental Health Assessments of Immigrants & Refugees,Trauma and Disaster Response and a Legal Ethical workshop about Suicide Assessment and Prevention).

A Pre-Licensed Summit and Private Practice Summit are also in the planning stages. And, there will be plenty of opportunities to mingle at lunches, happy hours and other social events planned throughout the year. It is so important to have these networking opportunities, to share our experiences and to support each other.

This year Marin CAMFT’s vision and huge heart continues to expand. The significant loss, devastation and trauma that resulted from the last few years of fires has generated a lot of interest in and effort towards launching a Marin CAMFT Trauma and Disaster Response Team. This year the goal is to have a Red Cross-trained team of Marin therapists ready to deploy when and where there is a need. Check the Marin CAMFT website, newsletter and your email for updates on the Marin CAMFT Trauma and Disaster Response Team meetings and trainings.

On a personal note, it is an honor and privilege to serve as President this year. Along with the 2020 theme, I want to add one more theme to reflect how I view this organization, this position and this profession. In my office I keep a large bowl of heart-shaped stones which serve as a tangible reminder of what I do and who I am. These healing stones represent my journey, life challenges and experiences that now benefit my ability to help others. They also represent the hearts of so many teachers, mentors and colleagues in this field who have inspired and supported me. I wish I had thought of it, but I’m borrowing from something I once read and hung onto: HEART is the acronym for Human Empathy Attitude Relationships Trust. HEART is what we focus on as helping professionals and it’s precisely how I see Marin CAMFT as an organization. Leading from my heart, I will continue to focus on the people and tasks involved with keeping Marin CAMFT a heart-focused organization made up of and fueled by big-hearted people.

Speaking of huge hearts, our holiday party in December was a great year-end celebration. There was so much love in the room. That night we said goodbye and gave thanks to some invaluable and much-loved Board Members. There are not enough words to express our gratitude to Marty Frankel for her impressive, invaluable service and commitment to Marin CAMFT over many years in numerous roles, starting in the Conference Committee, chairing the Workshop and Scholarship Committees and serving 2 terms as President. That night we also acknowledged Victoria Herzog and Meri Hayos for their outstanding service for the last two years on the Executive Board. Victoria served as Secretary and Meri served as Treasurer. Thank you Marty, Victoria and Meri, you will be so missed.

That night we also acknowledged Dan Neuharth, the 2019 President of Marin CAMFT. It’s hard to believe but towards the end of 2018 we were very concerned about finding a President, then Dan stepped up. Dan’s leadership not only allowed the chapter to continue—but continue to thrive. His commitment and leadership has earned him the Outstanding Chapter Member Award, to be presented at the 2020 CAMFT Chapter Leadership Conference in San Francisco. Dan is a hard act to follow but I am committed to this organization and will give it my all in order to keep the vision, the mission and the benefits moving forward in a direction that is most important to members of Marin CAMFT.

This year’s Board continues to be a strong group of individuals who bring to the table lots of experience, along with personal strengths that will continue to keep the vision and heart of this chapter growing. In 2020 Dan Neuharth serves as Past President, Laurie Buntain will change roles from CE Director to Treasurer, Pam Sweeney renews her commitment as Communications Director, and Pat Saunders returns to the Board as Secretary. Laurie, Pam and Pat have devoted many years to the Board; their presence, knowledge, experience is such an asset. We are thrilled that Beth Leib renews her commitment as Community Services Director, Adam Cohen renews his commitment as Marketing Director and Ian Mason renews his commitment as Prelicensed Director. Meri Hayos has generously offered to serve as interim Membership Director until we find a replacement. CLICK to see the Marin CAMFT members who continue their commitment or have stepped up this year to serve on various committees. 

Marin CAMFT needs you. If you are interested in being of service beyond your day-to-day practice, please consider joining Marin CAMFT as a Board member, Committee Chair or Committee member. Depending on your availability, we have many opportunities to increase your involvement in Marin CAMFT and we could really use the help. Open positions include Continuing Education Director, Membership Director, President-Elect and Chair of the Friday Continuing Education Series. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Thank you to everyone for your membership, your involvement and your dedication to Marin CAMFT. Wishing all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year and new decade!


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