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I’m excited to share with you our schedule of events and opportunities for this Fall, including a networking lunch for members, the Holiday Party, the second annual Private-Practice Building Summit, a Law and Ethics Workshop and two events in the Friday CE Series...Read more


Marin CAMFT is growing! Membership is up and we are building our program offerings and community. We welcome your participation. We have two key volunteer opportunities available beginning in 2020 for members who want to advance their careers by participating in Marin CAMFT as a Board member or Committee Chair....Read more


Marin CAMFT offers its Continuing Education Series on the second Friday of most months from 12:00 to 2:00 in its NEW LOCATION: 185 North Redwood Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903 CLICK for directions...Read more


Please join us on October 11 and November 8 for two more riveting and topical programs in our Friday Continuing Education Series: Helping Clients Cope with Unhealthy Narcissism: Anywhere from Their House to the White House and The Parenting Marriage: A New Alternative to Divorce....Read more


Our Friday Continuing Education Series started off last month with a bang at our new workshop location, with a State of the Profession update from state CAMFT Executive Director Nabil El-Ghoroury, PhD, CAE followed by a panel discussion of Therapist Self-Care. In case you weren’t able to attend, here are the handouts...Read more


At the September 14 Workshop, Learning to Treat Eco-Anxiety with Leslie Davenport, LMFT, David read this moving poem. I have included it here for those who weren't able to attend....Read more


Marin CAMFT invites you to our 2019 Private Practice Summit, taking place on Saturday, October 26th in San Rafael from 10:00am-3:00pm. Come learn about key areas regarding building, maintaining and thriving in your private practice. Complimentary lunch and coffee provided. Read more


This is a different kind of seminar that has been designed to fulfill the law and ethics continuing education requirements for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, LEPs, RNs and PSYs: addressing client types/issues and clinician personality/counter-transference leading to boundary violation.....Read more

THE 2020 MEMBERSHIP DRIVE IS ON and renewal time is fast approaching. 2020 is going to be another transformational year for Marin CAMFT and we want you to continue to be part of it! ....Read more


Marin CAMFT'S Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce that they will be able to fund two  $1000 Kristina Carey scholarships again this year.  One scholarship is for a Trainee MFT and the other for an Associate MFT....Read more


With the population aging at a rapid clip, there is a greater need than ever for services for those 65 and older. I have heard from other clinicians and have experienced in my own practice that multiple clients each month call seeking therapy, wanting to use their Medicare plans — only to be told that LMFTs cannot take Medicare....Read more



Our affiliate partner, Therapysites is kicking off October with a special offer for Marin CAMFT members who are interested in 2 free months of website service + 1 free month of tele-counseling services.


The Therapy Groups List is published in the quarterly newsletter and emailed to Marin CAMFT members. The public may access and download a PDF of the Therapy Groups List from a link on the home page of Marin CAMFT's website. Groups advertised here are offered by licensed psychotherapists and supervised prelicensed psychotherapists, who may or may not be members of Marin CAMFT. Marin CAMFT does not take responsibility for the quality of services provided.

Groups for Women

Women's Group, Renée Owen, LMFT 

415 453 8117 

Ongoing weekly group for women (clinicians & non-clinicians). Develop & deepen intimacy skills through support, process work, goal setting. Excellent adjunct to individual therapy. Thursdays PM San Rafael

Divorce Groups for Women Only,  Susan Pease Gadoua, LCSW

415 448 6242 

Ongoing biweekly groups provide community, emotional support and information for all stages divorce or separation. Topics: self-esteem, empowerment and recovery from difficult feelings situations

Relationship Insight Group - Women Only, Susan P. Gadoua, LCSW

415 448 6242 

Ideal for any woman who is ready to change unhealthy relationship patterns. Bring to light outdated beliefs & perceptions that set women up for unfulfilling, sometimes abusive situations.

Monthly Saturday Groups for Women, Gilda Meyers, LMFT

415 453 1839

Ongoing groups exploring issues of midlife & aging, meet one Saturday monthly in San Rafael. Ages 65+ meet 2nd Saturday per month 10 - 1. Ages 55+ meet 3rd Saturday 10-1 or 10-3. Call for flyer, information, free interview.

Women's Interpersonal Group, Lois Friedlander, LMFT, CGP

415 383 3337 

Integrates psychodynamic, interpersonal models. For students, professionals. Examine relationships. Consultant: Dr. Irv Yalom Wednesday, 6:30-8 PM, Ongoing. 3569 Sacramento Street, SF

Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance Group, Dr. Jean Hayes, LMFT

415 897 1348 

Gain tools and develop strategies for successful weight loss/ long-term maintenance. Food plans individualized for new habits with group therapy & support for emotional ups and downs.12-week am/pm in Novato.

Partners of Sex Addicts Support Groups, Willow Tree Counseling

707 200 2332 X 102 

Education and a support for betrayed partners impacted by sex addiction. A safe place to share experiences and receive guidance - a Christian group is available. Jeanne@willowtreesantarosa.comwww.WillowTeeSantaRosa.com 

Women's Therapy Group, Community Institute for Psychotherapy

415 459 5999 x450

Learn strategies for coping with relationships and everyday life, strengthening self-awareness, reducing depression and anxiety. Tuesdays 6:15 - 7:45 PM

Groups for Men

Group Therapy for Men, Scott Nelson, PhD, LMFT 

415 383 9254

Strengths & Positivity-Based. Move in cooperation toward greater emotional awareness, resolving challenges, improved relationships and competence. Wednesday 6:30 - 8 PM

Right Men's Team, Richard Platt, LMFT 

415 760 8541 

Helps men become alive, creative, productive through setting goals & being held accountable by trustworthy men. Supports clients to take their lives to the next level. www.teensolutionsmarin.com

Men and Relationships, David Kest, LMFT

415 246 1739 

San Rafael Group forming. Practice mindfulness, safe conversations & relationship skills to promote healing & growth. Ready for the next level through support & compassion? Wed, 7-9 PM 1703 Fifth  Ave, SR

Men's Sex Addiction Recovery Group, Willow Tree Counseling

707 200 2332 X 101 

Ongoing homework/process group helping create and maintain sobriety, establish recovery and address underlying issues. Santa Rosa: Monday 4 PM, Tuesday 8 AM, Thursday 5PM. San Rafael: Friday 3 PM. Tim@willowtreesantarosa.comwww.WillowTeeSantaRosa.com 

CoEd Groups

Intimacy Groups Renée Owen, LMFT

415 453 8117 

Ongoing weekly process groups for men and women (single, in relationship, or married). Explore blocks and learn how to experience more fulfillment & success in relationships and life. Monday or Tuesday PM San Rafael.

Singles Group, Renée Owen, LMFT 

415 453 8117 

Psychoeducational group for men and women desiring to create more committed, intimate relationships. Assists in discovering blocks/obstacles. Excellent adjunct to individual therapy. 9 weeks, Tuesday PM San Rafael. 

Interpersonal Process Group, Lou Dangles LMFT and Chris Armstrong LMFT

415 454 2722 

Members will have an opportunity to learn about relationship patterns in their lives, understand impact on others. Wednesdays, 7:30– 9 PM San Anselmo.

Bariatric Surgery/Education Support Group, Dr. Jean Hayes, LMFT

415 897 1348 

For women and men contemplating weight loss surgery & for those post-surgery, to establish new eating habits for weight loss & successful maintenance. 12-weeks.  AM/PM in Novato.

Substance Abuse Education/Support Group, Dr. Jean Hayes, LMFT 

415 897 1348  

For women and men contemplating their behavior, use or abuse of various substances, i.e., alcohol, drugs, food, pills, sex, shopping, gambling-and the effects they have had on their lives. 12-week AM & PM, Novato.

Monthly Psychodrama Groups/Workshops, Sylvia Israel, LMFT, TEP, RDT/BCT

415 454 7308 

Issues addressed: relationship with self and others, family of origin, self-esteem, empowerment, trauma and addictions recovery, spirituality. Emphasis on creativity and spontaneity.   www.BayAreaMorenoInstitute.com

Couples Communication Workshop, Kathy Jarosz, LCSW

415 999 4414

Crash course to improve communication with a partner. Focus on skills to use right away. Materials given for practice. Great relationship tune-up. One evening per month. kathy@couplescounselingworks.com.

Art Therapy Process Group, Community Institute for Psychotherapy

415 459 5999 x450

Engage in a series of art therapy exercises designed to improve emotional intelligence, process difficult life experiences and tap into nonverbal ways of knowing. Mondays 5:00 - 6:30 PM

Help and Healing for Trauma, Community Institute for Psychotherapy

415 459 5999 x450

Survivors will support one another as they learn coping strategies, cultivate healthy self-esteem and practice stress reduction techniques. Fridays 5:00 - 6:30 PM

Mindfulness Group, Community Institute for Psychotherapy

415 459 5999 x450

Learn mindfulness and cognitive therapy tools and practices that have been proven to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. Wednesdays 5:00 - 6:30 PM

Chronic Pain Support Group, Wendy Homer, LMFT

415 413 8086

Support Group for individuals who live with chronic pain. Will address emotional issues such as anxiety and depression, isolation and pain management. Contact for more information: wendyhomerlmft@gmail.com

Family Caregivers Support Group, Wendy Homer, LMFT

415 413 8086

Caring for a disabled family member is rewarding, but it is also stressful, can be exhausting and can bring up family conflicts. Share experiences, resources, help with resolving conflicts. Contact for more information: wendyhomerlmft@gmail.com

Children, Teens and Parenting

Teen Boys Mentoring Team, Richard Platt, LMFT

415 760 8541 

Supports boys 13 and older through the challenges of becoming a teen in Marin. Members build character, learn communication and leadership skills in a safe and fun environment.

Therapeutic Art Group for Teens, Annie Danberg, LMFT

415 322 8984

Teens - ages 14-16 enjoy a variety of creative mediums to: Gain self-confidence and awareness, soothe anxiety, increase self-esteem. Group forming, dates, times to be decided. www.anniedanberg.com 

Single Parent Support Group, Wendy Homer, LMFT

415 413 8086

Transform surviving to thriving! Address loneliness, exhaustion, unique challenges, strategies for success. Ongoing,weekly. For more information, contact: wendyhomerlmft@gmail.com

Specialty Groups

Men Partners of Abuse Survivors, Scott Nelson, PhD, LMFT

415 383 9254 

Education about the impact of abuse; support and exploring response-able resolution to personal and couple challenges with others who will understand. Tuesdays, 6:30-8 PM

$$$ Money Matters $$$  Laurie Buntain, LMFT

415 721 9555 

Explore and understand your relationship with money. Identify influences and patterns to increase rational financial behavior and harmony. Seven sessions for individuals and couples. Group meets biweekly in Kentfield.

Horse/Animal Supported Therapy Group, Dr. Jean Hayes, LMFT

415  897 1348 

Therapeutic skills and problem solving for new possibilities, learned and practiced through interacting with unique and friendly horses and farm animals for adults, adolescents and youth.

Arts-Based Process Group for Women and Men, Dr. Shira Marin LMFT/Annie Danberg, LMFT

415 499 0737 

Clinicians & non-clinicians. Liberate self-expression, cultivate self-awareness & self-acceptance and transform self-judgment. 8-wk San Rafael   www.shiramarinphd.com www.anniedanberg.com

Online Dream Groups, Shira  Marin, PhD, LMFT 

415 499 0737 

Benefit your life through the psyche’s language of images. Immersion in dreams with possible Expressive Arts. Group 1- clinicians, Group 2 - non-clinicians. 6 members. Friday AM 1.5 hours weekly. 40 yrs experience.www.shiramarinphd.com

Groups for Therapists

Co-Led Therapy Group for Mature Therapists Geraldine Alpert, PhD, Elaine Cooper, PhD, LCSW 

415 479 9479

One opening in high functioning, long term, co-ed group with psychodynamic, interpersonal orientation. Wednesday AM in San Rafael. www.GeraldineAlpert.com

Workshops and Trainings

Enliven Your Work with Psychodrama Training, Sylvia Israel, LMFT, TEP, RDT/BCT

415 454 7308 

Experiential methods can enliven and inspire both client and therapist. Access your spontaneity and creativity as you learn powerful action methods to incorporate into your work. www.BayAreaMorenoInstitute.com

Gottman Method Couple Therapy Groups, Lisa Lund, CRC, LMFT

415 721 4310   

See www.ACouplesPlace.com to learn about our workshops for professionals and for couples. Interns are welcome and will receive discounts. CE hours available for all workshops.

Consultation Groups

Thrive Consultation Groups, Renée Owen, LMFT

415 453 8117 

Connect and network with colleagues. Receive help in creating a thriving practice, or  starting, facilitating or sustaining groups and general case consultation. Meets once a month in San Rafael.

Consultation/Supervision Group, Scott Nelson, PhD, LMFT

415 383 9254 

Ongoing group 1.5 hours twice a month – 6 members. 43 years experience Your energy engaged, your knowledge strengthened, your insight brightened www.scottnelsonphd.com

Online Clinical Supervision: Prelicensed/Early Career, Shira Marin, PhD, LMFT

415 499 0737 

Learn about the aspects of private practice that will further your development.  35 years clinical/teaching experience. Depth, Jungian, Dream, EAT approaches. 90 minutes, twice a month in San Rafael.

Online Consultation: Mid/Late Career, Shira Marin, PhD, LMFT

415 499 0737

Get support & deepen grasp of complex case material. Private practice and agency issues. CEs. Collaborate, connect. 35 years clinical/teaching experience. 90 minutes twice/month in San Rafael

Consultation Group: Experienced Clinicians, Fran Goldie-Marcus, LCSW

415 892 4310 

Consultation group with special emphasis on evaluating and treating personality-disordered clients from a psychodynamic and object relations perspective. Contact Fran for more information at frangoldiemarcus@gmail.com

Bi-Monthly Consultation Group, Geraldine Alpert, PhD.

415 497 9479

Formerly Director Post Doctorate Training at Kaiser; Associate Professor of Psychiatry at UCSF, Director of Group Therapy at McAuley Neuro-Psychiatric Institute. Input/ Support. www.GeraldineAlpert.com

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