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The Membership Drive is in Full Zoom!

We want to remind some of our members that the January 1, 2020 deadline to renew their memberships in Marin CAMFT has come and gone, already! Fortunately, they can still renew without penalty until January 31, 2020. Unfortunately, those who do not renew by January 31, will not be able to access their Marin CAMFT benefits: newsletters, emails, listserv, free Friday CE programs, etc.

Lapsed members can renew online or by mail. Please note, renewals received after January 31, 2020 will be charged a $15 late fee. To make renewal easier next year, consider signing up for automatic renewal using the credit card of your choice. Also, please remember that membership in state CAMFT is required for all members of Marin CAMFT. 

In spite of rising costs,Marin CAMFT has not raised its fees. Membership for a Licensed Clinical member or a Licensed Professional Member with another professional license is $65. Membership for students and Registered Associate MFTs is FREE. 

2020 is going to be another transformational year for Marin CAMFT and we want you to continue to be part of it! Your 2020 membership will continue to provide opportunities for you to connect, give and receive support, increase your skills, share your expertise and have fun in the process! If you need assistance in renewing your membership, CLICK on this link or contact Meri Hayos, who is currently Marin CAMFT's Interim Membership Director.


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